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In 1868 an official set of rules for rugby football were adopted and rugby spread through Ireland although in these days Ireland Rugby Tickets weren't so hard to come by.

The first Irish rugby team took on England in 1875 and lost by two goals and a try to nil. Later in 1878 Ireland played their first match against England at Lansdowne Road and England once again won by two goals and a try to nil.  

Ireland won their first test against Scotland in 1881 in Belfast, in 1884 Ireland played Wales in Cardiff and had to borrow two Welsh players as they didn’t have enough numbers. It wasn’t until 1887 that Ireland recorded their first ever win over England at Lansdowne Road scoring two goals to nil and in 1888 Ireland recorded their first ever win over Wales with a dropped goal, a goal and a try to nil, but Ireland Rugby Tickets still wouldn't have been in great demand.

Ireland in 1894 decided to adopt the Welsh system of using seven backs instead of six, this led them to beat England, record their first win over Scotland and to beat Wales and secure their first Triple Crown. 

When the All Blacks arrived in Dublin in 1905 it was the fist ever all ticket rugby international ever. New Zealand won the game by 15 points to nil. 

In 1909 Ireland were to play France for the first time in history and they beat them by 19 points to 8 with a record five tries. In 1912 the Irish played the Springboks for the second time only to lose 38 to nil with the South Africans scoring a total of ten tries. 

The 1926 Five Nations tournament saw Ireland get right to the last game without a loss, playing against Wales for a Grand Slam but were beaten by Wales on the day. In the following year they were only denied a Grand Slam by a narrow 8-6 defeat by England

After a gap in rugby tournament play because of the war Ireland got things back on track with some fine form, in 1948 they picked up their first Grand Slam and in 1949 they won the Triple Crown and were Five Nations champions. 

They won the Five Nations Championship again in 1951 but were denied the Triple Crown and Grand Slam due to a 3 all draw with Wales at Cardiff

1958 saw Australia arrive in Dublin and get beaten 9-6, this the first time that one of the big Southern Hemisphere teams had been defeated.  

The early sixties were somewhat of a baron patch for Irish rugby with few wins of note, 1965 though saw Ireland on for a Triple Crown until Wales put a stop to this in Cardiff. Later in 1965 Ireland were to record their first win over the Springboks. In 1967 Ireland beat Australia in Dublin and also went on to beat them in Sydney later in the year becoming the first of the home nations to beat a Southern Hemisphere team on their own patch. In 1968 Ireland yet again beat the Australians for the fourth time in a row. 

Ireland were once again headed for a Grand Slam in 1969 until they arrived at Cardiff for the final game where Wales once again denied them for the third time. 

In 1972 the Five Nations Championship was not completed as Wales and Scotland refused to play Ireland following threatening letters to players which were claime to be from the IRA, both Wales and Ireland were unbeaten but the championship remained unresolved. In 1973 Ireland nearly defeated the mighty All Blacks but had to settle for a draw and in 1974 Ireland won the Five Nations Championship for the first time in 23 years. 

The next championship win for Ireland came in 1982, they were close to a Grand Slam win but France defeated them, they did however win the Triple Crown for the first time in over 30 years. 

Again in 1985 Ireland won the Triple Crown and Championship but France once again prevented them from winning the Grand Slam with a 15 all draw. 

Ireland made the quarter-finals in the 1987 inaugural Rugby World Cup but were knocked out by Australia before progressing any further. 

In the 1991 Rugby World Cup Ireland once again got through to the quarter-finals and were again knocked out by Australia with a narrow 19-18 loss. 

In the 1995 Rugby World Cup Ireland made it through to the quarter-finals again with a close win over Wales but France proved too strong for them in the quarter-finals and beat them by 36 points to 12. 

The mid-ninties were disappointing for Ireland fans and they finished bottom of the Five Nations in 1996, 97 and 98 and in the 1999 Rugby World Cup Ireland failed to make the quarter-finals for the first time ever. 

In the 2001 Five Nations Championship Ireland finished second on points difference and in 2003 Ireland and England were playing for a Grand Slam decider but England were to win 42 points to 6. In the 2004 Championship they finished second in the table after France and won the Triple Crown. 

The 2005 Six Nations saw Ireland finish third and the 2006 Championship saw Ireland finish second and win another Triple Crown. Later in 2006 the South Africans came to town with an inexperienced squad in preparation for the World Cup, these were comprehensibly beaten by Ireland at 32 points to 15, they followed on this win with another over Australia winning the game 21-6 moving Ireland up to their highest spot of third place in the world rankings. 

The 2008 Six Nations saw Ireland record losses against France, England and eventual Grand Slam winners Wales

2009 was to become a famous year for Ireland though by winning the Six Nations Championship and the Grand Slam. In the Autumn Internationals Ireland beat Fiji, South Africa and drew with Australia meaning that they ended 2009 with an unblemished record, you could say that following this that Ireland Rugby Tickets were far more in demand.

In the 2010 Six Nations Ireland had their sights on a Triple Crown but this wasn’t to be as Dan Parks had a last minute penalty meaning Scotland were victors. Irelands 2010 Autumn Internationals were a mixed bag, they lost to South Africa 21-23, beat Samoa 20-10, lost to the All Blacks 18-38 and beat Argentina 29-9. We now wait to see what the 2011 Six Nations and World Cup holds.

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