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6 Nations Tickets


The 6 Nations Tickets Tournament is has evolved from a long history of rugby which originated in Great Britain, it is one of the most fiercly contested rugby tournaments in the whole world.  


When it first began there was no such thing as 6 Nations Tickets rather it used to be called the Home Nations Championship originally between the individual countries of Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland, between the years of 1883 up to 1909 these countries played against each other until it was decided that France would be allowed to join the championship making up the 5 Nations, at this point you still wouldn't buy 6 Nations Tickets for many years to come.


6 Nations

    Wales v Scotland 1923


The 5 Nations Tournament began in 1910 and lasted right up until 1931 when France were stopped from playing in the championship as a result of claims that there was professionalism within the French league teams, at this time in history rugby had to be strictly an amateur sport.


Due to this event from 1932 the Home Nations Championships resumed up until 1939 at which point the French were asked to once again join the championship making it the 5 Nations Championship once again. The Second World War resulted in very little rugby being played up until 1946 but from this year the five nations was played every year up until the millenium (2000) when Italy were allowed to join making what is now the 6 Nations Championship. 


Due to the popularity of the game and the passion that the supporters feel for their country   6 Nations Tickets can be difficult to obtain today, the prices have gone up with demand and as a result many people can't afford to go and watch a game live. Italy joining the fold has resulted in some 6 Nations Tickets being easier and lower cost to obtain, many people want tickets against stronger teams, so in a sense Italy has allowed others to attend live games such as families etc.


There have been other countries wanting to join the 6 Nations throughout the years, perhaps the most formidable of these is Argentina but they have now been allowed to join with the Tri Nations Tournament making up a Quad Nations competition.


Former Arms Park, Location of Many 5 Nations TournamentsYou can just purchase 6 Nations Tickets or alternatively you can purchase packages which include the hotels and travel to the destination. If you are looking to purchase 6 Nations Tickets then please visit our partners who even have tickets available to sold out events. For more information on individual countries please visit the appropriate countries page int he navigation bar above.


For further information regarding the Six Nations Tournament please visit the official RBS Six NationsSite. You can also visit the 6 Nations  Wikipedia   page which has a whole host of information.


Good luck to your team, whoever you support!


*Source of image of Scotland v Wales above is 

Frederic Humbert (www.rugby-pioneers. com)

*Source of image of Cardiff Arms Park Above is

Nick Mutton UKP


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