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The British introduced rugby to France in 1872 and France played in the Olympics of 1900 winning a gold medal but it was not until 1906 that the French national team played their first proper test match which was against New Zealand in Paris with New Zealand winning 38-8, I wonder how much France Rugby Tickets cost in those days. They played occasional games after that against the Home Nations of Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England up until they officially joined them to form the Five Nations Tournament in 1910.

France played the Springboks for the first time in 1913 and lost that match 38-5

France were forced to leave the Five Nations Tournament in 1932 as a result of an accusation of professionalism in the French leagues, it must be remembered that rugby union was to be a strictly amateur sport at this time. During the time of this suspension France played against weaker European teams until being invited to rejoin the Five Nations in 1939 although they did not play until 1947 after the Second World War.

France won their first Five Nations Championship in 1954 but they share the title with Wales and England, it wasn’t until 1959 that France won their first outright Five nations Championship.

In 1958 Fance toured to South Africa and won the test series, in 1961 they toured Australia and New Zealand losing both tests against the All Blacks but beating Australia.

In 1968 France beat all other teams in the Five Nations and won their first Grand Slam definately increasing demand for French rugby and France Rugby Tickets. 1977 saw France win a second Grand Slam and beat New Zealand in Toulouse. In 1979 France recorded their first ever win over the All Blacks in New Zealand by 24-19

1981 saw France take their third Grand Slam followed by a forth in 1987. The Inaugural Rugby World Cup took place in 1987 and France defeated Australia in the semi-finals to compete for the final against New Zealand. New Zealand were too strong and France lost 29 points to 9. In 1988 France shared the Five Nations Championship with Wales and won it in 1989.

In the 1991 World Cup France made it out of the pool stages but were beaten by England in the quarter-finals. In 1994 France toured to New Zealand and won the test series 2-0. In the 1995 World Cup France made it through to the semi-finals but were knocked out by the South Africans. France won Grand Slams in 1997 and 1998 and in the 1999 World Cup France beat New Zealand in the semi-finals but were beaten by Australia in the final 35-12.

France won a Grand Slam in 2002 in what was now the Six Nations since the joining of Italy and in the 2003 World Cup they made it through to the semi-finals where they were defeated by England. They won another Grand Slam in 2004 and the championship in 2006 and 2007. In the 2007 Rugby World Cup France beat New Zealand in the quarter-finals to reach the semi-finals once again but were knocked out by England 14-9, they also lost to Argentina in the play offs to finish in fourth place.

2010 saw France win the Grand Slam at the Six Nations for the ninth time so far although the Autumn Internationals might give some cause for concern. They beat Fiji well at 34-12, Argentina were beaten with 15-9 but the worry has to come from the game against the Wallabies where France lost 16-59. There is no doubt that the French are a passionate rugby crowd today and they don't have too much trouble selling their France Rugby Tickets.

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